Bath Fitter Earns Governor’s TOSHA Safety Award, Celebrates Nearly 1 Million Accident-Free Hours

Rachel Allison


Rachel Allison


May 24, 2024

Bath Fitter Earns Governor’s TOSHA Safety Award, Celebrates Nearly 1 Million Accident-Free Hours

On Thursday, May 23, Bath Fitter was honored with the prestigious Governor’s TOSHA Safety Award, recognizing their unwavering commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace environment. This marks their fifth TOSHA award since 2010.

David Blessmen, Director of TOSHA, presented the award to Bath Fitter's Executive Team, Owner, Director of Safety, and numerous employees during a celebratory event at their plant in Springfield, Tennessee.

The Governor’s Award of Excellence acknowledges Tennessee employers and employees who achieve a required number of hours without workplace injuries serious enough to cause an employee to miss a day of work or restrict normal job activities. The specific number of hours required depends on the size of the company.

With 120 employees, Bath Fitter needed to reach 300,000 hours without an accident to qualify for the Governor’s TOSHA Safety Award.

“We far exceeded reaching that benchmark,” said Jason Otts, Director of Manufacturing Operations for the plant.

Jason Otts, addressing the group at the presentation

Having achieved nearly 1 million hours without a lost time accident and almost 400,000 hours without a recordable injury, it's safe to say Bath Fitter is in their safety era.

Jason, who has been with the company for 16 years and in his current role for 10 years, emphasized that this award is more than just a notable achievement.

“The award is great. But what it stands for is more important. It signifies that we are focused on doing the right things. It signifies that our folks come into this plant every day, and they go home knowing they will safely return to their families each night.”

Bath Fitter has successfully integrated safety as a core value within their workplace culture. Jason attributes this remarkable success to the entire team. “Every one of our employees is a safety ambassador. They make safe choices when no one is looking. They know that safety is our number one KPI in our plant, and they are supported from the top down to do that.”

Moreover, Bath Fitter is well-known for their community involvement with local government and the Robertson County Chamber of Commerce. However, Jason emphasizes that their workplace culture extends beyond these activities.

“We always talk about the importance of culture and fostering a great culture for our people, but in that same breath, we always talk about how we can be contagious and invest outside of our plant. We want to be good corporate citizens and have a good work environment where employees can share, learn, and grow with our community.”

This latest award underscores Bath Fitter's dedication to not only workplace safety but also to building a supportive and thriving community. Their ongoing commitment to excellence and employee well-being sets a benchmark in the industry, demonstrating that a strong safety culture can lead to exceptional operational performance.

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