Manufacturing Employees Find Fulfillment in Dynamic Careers at Airtech

Rachel Allison


Rachel Allison


May 1, 2024

Manufacturing Employees Find Fulfillment in Dynamic Careers at Airtech

Finding the right job is not just about paying the bills—it's about finding something that lights you up inside, something that makes you excited to get out of bed in the morning. But let's be real, it's not always easy. 

Searching through job listings, spending hours updating your resume, and filling out applications can be time consuming, and a lot of times it just leads to disappointment. Then if you finally do get hired somewhere, what are the chances that it’s going to be the right fit? 

Is it too much to ask to find a job that’s local, pays well, treats their employees well, and gives you the opportunity to grow with the company and move up? 

Well, we’ve got some positive news for you:

The team at Airtech, a manufacturing facility in Springfield, TN, understands that it takes a lot more than a steady wage to attract and retain quality employees. They have many programs in place to make their employees feel valued.  

They  invest in their employees and their careers by providing the training needed for them to succeed, and they like to see their employees grow with the company and place a priority on promoting from within.

Treating their employees right means that Airtech has many jobholders who have spent years, if not decades, with their company, and in many cases have worked their way up from an entry level position to a management position. 

Cierra Robertson and Leyslannie Dumeng are two inspiring examples. Both women are now well respected Production Supervisors with the company after working their way up from being hired on as Assembly Technicians.

Cierra started in September 2019 as a temporary worker and then was hired full time as an Assembly Technician in January 2020. From there she was promoted to a Team Leader, then a Production Process Support Technician, and has been in her current role as Production Supervisor since January 2024.

“I enjoy the arts and crafts like work, and I found it meditative once I learned how to meet my expectations,” says Cierra. “As I learned and grew in the company, I found patterns within the company that made the job easier…and I wanted to teach them to my peers to make the job easier on them too!”

Cierra Robertson

Leyslannie was hired in January 2017 as an Assembly Technician,, and from there she was promoted to Team Leader, Training Team Leader, and now she has also been in her role as Production Supervisor since January 2024.

“Airtech has given me all the tools I need to be successful and has allowed me to grow,” says Leyslannie. “This is a good company if you want to grow professionally.”
Despite factory jobs being rumored as boring and difficult, both women find their work to be extremely satisfying.

Leyslannie Dumeng

“I don’t believe there is a more fulfilling job! The workload is challenging and dynamic enough to keep me interested and challenged, but not so much that I feel like I’m drowning,” says Cierra.

“We care about each other’s growth, I have good medical benefits, I accrue vacation time, and I enjoy the stable, yet flexible environment that Airtech provides. It’s become home for me.”

“In 5 to 10 years I (still) see myself at Airtech, maybe doing something else within the company,” Leyslannie adds.

Cierra and Leyslannie also want you to know that Airtech is unlike any other factory– in a very good way.

“This is not a normal factory. This is more like arts and crafts,” says Leyslannie.

“We make the materials to make the parts that go to space. It’s kind of like the turkey bag you use at Thanksgiving to bake the turkey in. We make the bag!” Cierra mentions. “This is unlike any job in Robertson County.”

Last but not least, these hard working ladies want everyone to know that Airtech is always looking to grow their team with honest, hard working individuals who are willing to learn.

“If you apply, be open to a learning environment and constructive criticism. There are several different projects that all have their own nuances, and learning nuances takes time,” says Cierra.

“Don’t listen to the reviews online,” Leyslannie jokes. “Just give it a chance.”

Airtech embodies its slogan, “We invest in you and you invest in you,” wholeheartedly. Meaning, they promise to invest in their employees by recognizing that their growth and development are key to the success of the company. And in return, their employees will invest in themselves by applying their training and maintaining a level of output and quality that meets or exceeds customer standards.

If you're currently in pursuit of a new job opportunity, consider this your cue to visit and complete an application. Say goodbye to the uncertainty of whether your next employer will prioritize your well-being, compensate you fairly, and actively invest in your professional journey.

So, what are you waiting for?

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